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Success Stories

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Manifestation is not just something that inspired our business, it is our everyday lifestyle.
We love to hear testimonies of how our owner and our brand have elevated others!
If you are ready to speak your truth or need someone to confide in (whether it be brief or detailed), please feel free to share your experience with the owner. 
If you'd prefer further discretion beyond sharing with Mara Kelli, simply request it and it will be honored.

After intentionally using my “Can’t Touch This” candle by Wickful Wishes, I can truthfully give this testimony.

This week I went through health issues I’ve never experienced. I was rushed to the hospital, pricked/scanned in every way, and left the ER with no hope. I’m HUMAN so I began to get angry, wonder “why me?”, and think I would feel the pain forever. I even started to cancel an event that means so much to me. For the first time in so long, I felt hopeless. I was stuck home alone so, it was just me and my rain cloud for a few days. My health declined even more towards the end of the week. I called my doctor and was told to immediately come back to the ER. At this point, I began to cry. Something I rarely do. It was the pain and the thought of being stuck in that room for hours that made me so upset. My visit was short lived, there was nothing they could do but give me fluids. While getting ready to shower the hospital off of me, I saw my Wickful Wishes box. I thought to myself, “if I’m going to start manifesting, it better be now.” I decided to be intentional and whole hearted about it, even though it was my FIRST time. I thought about what I wanted to happen, prayed about it, thought about all the good things I didn’t appreciate before my sickness, and manifested those things back into my life. Within minutes I felt better, just the feeling of hope made my whole day feel purposeful. I was still sick but, I decided I was NOT going to stay sick. The next day I got up and kept that same energy! I manifested with my candle, took the steps to get better, and AGAIN I felt so much better. At the beginning I said, I’m HUMAN so I get angry. I changed the narrative to I’m ERICA so I can get through this. After just ONE more day of following that routine, I am 90% recovered. I believe in Mara, the CEO. However, I did not believe that I could change my life simply by believing and using her candles to help me. I stand corrected. I stand humbled. I stand in support. I am and will forever be a Wishful. This product changed my life. If you allow it, it WILL change yours.

Thank you. 

Erica L.


I wanted to tell you about my experience with your candle. First, lately I’ve been feeling very depressed & anxious about so many things. On Monday I cried on my way to work because so much has been going on, I’ve been feeling so incomplete as a person. I prayed for 30 minutes out loud for guidance from God; it was a rough morning, but a much needed one. It made me think of you, because you taught me to steady my breathing and gather myself before starting, and that helped so much. The day in the office that you told me about that, just your voice alone made me calm. Your energy is inspiring; it’s welcoming; it’s so unapologetically you. Your presence is just great, I feel like I can go to you about anything. I finally lit your candle this morning while I got ready for work, and I just felt peaceful. I felt good. You are the PERFECT person for this business, I can’t think of a better woman for the job. You are going to go so far with your life!! You are an inspiration. Honestly, I wasn’t too interested in ANY of this, but you have really changed that. Keep being you!! You can feel that YOU are in your products, and that you put love and your belief into it, and that is amazing. How many people can say that?


Wickful Wishes is much more than just a product. Wickful Wishes, is a service that encourages self healing and manifestation. Like many others, my life can get pretty hectic with work, family, and other daily stresses. Not to mention my own self doubt and fear that hinders my progression from time to time. These candles serve as a reminder to take a moment to pause, and love myself. Manifestation must become a part of my routine, and the candles have motivated me to get back into that practice. I've gotten back into meditation and writing. It's truly special to know that this product is fueled by love and passion. Wickful Wishes helps me, help myself; and there's truly no greater feeling. Thank you Wickful Wishes, for being a part of my journey!

Jaslyn H.

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