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LUXE Candle

LUXE Candle

Excluding Sales Tax

Enjoy our new 15oz LUXE candle in 3 new fragrances:


  • Spa Retreat - A clean, calming refreshing fragrance of apple and lemongrass with fresh citrus topnotes along with spring florals drying to a background of soothing sweet sugar cane.
  • Stress Relief - Mint, Eucalyptus, citrus and bergamot mix with an herbal blend of spearmint, peppermint and soft floral notes of rose and jasmine.
  • Lavender Chamomile - A soothing herbal fragrance with fresh lavender petals combining with a light hint of chamomile.


Unlike the other candles, this candle is free of dye and presented in a beautiful, 15oz geometric glass. It is only available with a cotton wick. 

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