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Meet the Owner

What really makes Wickful Wishes substantial is the intention and commitment behind it. In this section, you’ll become acquainted with the woman working behind the scenes to elevate your manifestations and create an optimum experience.


Mara Kelli


Mara was born and raised in South Georgia. Growing up in Fitzgerald instilled many southern/small town values, but her dreams always surpassed her hometown lifestyle. For several years she battled dysthymia in silence.

After graduating college in 2014, she relocated to Atlanta, GA. Relocating allowed her to break away from her small-town bubble and explore early adulthood, but most of her experiences were only a reflection of her internal battle.

In early 2019 she emotionally plummeted; a sudden decline in her physical health followed. However, she was determined to finally heal and improve every aspect of her life. She sought therapy/counseling and spirituality. Spirituality was the game changer! Through spiritual work and manifestation, she managed to not only shift the direction of her life, but also learn her worth.       

She discovered her passion.

Now Mara openly shares her journey and happily stands in her truth. She dedicates herself to assisting others in healing by spreading her knowledge of spirituality and manifestation.

Wickful Wishes is her first business!

Please do not hesitate to contact the owner with any questions or concerns.

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